October 11, 6:30P-8:00P with trainer, Kristen Mercer

Get a head start on teaching your dog to be well-mannered around holiday guests! We’ll discuss topics such as “ Go lay down”, “Don’t jump on people”, “Leave it” , “Quiet down”, and Hazardous plants and foods etc.

In the past we have covered only one topic during our hour and had you bring your fur-babies to the class to participate, but  because we are covering so many different topics this will be a 1 1/2 hour class which will be hard for your  babies to sit through. Therefore our teaching method for this class will be live demonstrations for you to take home and apply with your babies.  

Help your guests and your dogs have a happy holiday season!

Join us for this month's workshop for only $15.00.

Call or email to sign up as space is limited