Train your dog with focused, one-hour behavior workshops

Obedience, Training, and Dog Education in Oklahoma City is within reach.
Our Basic Education Course gives your dog a solid foundation of good behaviors. The workshops will provide an introduction to cues such as "sit", "come" and "leave it".

  • Work on problem solving
  • Learn home behaviors
  • Practice loose-leash walking

Course Descriptions
Call for more workshop dates and availability.

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Dog Training and Obedience with Kristen Mercer

Kristen has enjoyed working with dogs in a variety of settings since 2000.  She has taught basic manners classes and worked with dogs in animal shelters.  She has two collie mixes at home who love learning new tricks.

Learn more about basic education and obedience training for your dog at our focused, 1-hour workshops.

(405) 778-5544